The number one dermatologist-recommended brand for skincare, Neutrogena began in 1930 as a small specialty cosmetics company in Los Angeles, California. After successfully marketing a mild, clear soap that rinsed quickly and easily without leaving any residue, the company went further to establish an important relationship between Neutrogena and dermatologists, giving it an exceptional competitive advantage.

As the Neutrogena brand gained a unique acceptance by the medical profession, a new emphasis was directed toward marketing and research efforts to create a line of safe, mild, premium quality skincare products. In 1973, the company went public and by 1980, Neutrogena entered the haircare market.

Today, Neutrogena continues its tradition of excellence with a wide range of safe, mild, and premium quality skincare and haircare products under the banner of the Johnson & Johnson group of companies.
Fine Fairness BB Cream UV (SPF19, PA+++) - 30ml
36167 Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream is a multi-benefit whitening moisturizer with a unique lightweight texture. It corrects dullness and uneven skin tone and brightens skin to a fair, translucent healthy glow.